Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Finish The Year Right (Part 3) lyrics

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I’d be the fly mother fucker holler what I am rapping

Like nigger quit that bitch you can have the stage in a second

Green crack for breakfast I smoke till I am breathless

West side getting here my … driving reckless

My money so impressive so I don’t need a necklace

With this bitches getting … you switched up with ….

If it ain’t designer it ain’t proper sun on these low niggers I had to

Who .. two .. we’re gonna be rich one day if they don’t let us they’re gonna be the entry

I got my hand in my pants All Bundy but I ain’t rolling on my dick I am about the gun play

If you ain’t in the Benz bitch don’t let this junk play suck air niggers this is no country

Tonight is me and Molly she is the life of the party we will be just rolling

Mother fucker I will be riding through my own hood probably with my new bitch

We are both about that life looking for a new bitch they say they don’t like me see the new shit

Niggers are worse than bitches nowadays with this guppy shit you niggers just wanna talk

Drop the fear put her body in some .. so I know is real when a family plan a funeral you know is real

You need to slow the deal …. Ass ass ass ass ass

It’s gonna be mother fucker … to life

Fuck it you are so big I am old school big

With this new shit we do it do it boy that’s why you .. go

She just started to … on a nigger look back and tell me daddy is real

Can I say the truth I don’t need it I am gonna work that ass I am still

Probably she will say she is on a trip probably … with that pill

Cause she is bad plus she is ..shit .. again I just wanna get

How to tell my .. 50 dollars but … 700

My Elena bitch asked me why I got so many haters

I said when I went to school quitting was my major

Now my .. go so strong sky walk on my cologne

Girl I got a condom ….smoke weed with a … on

All my girls go .. next time when you hear my …

Tap city bitch tap tap city bitch

You think I am paying for that pussy

You are just a silly bitch

Got my Huston girl eating out my silly bitch

Young .. you don’t know who you are dealing with

You already … nigger pull up where we are .. everyday

Let the .. know some party back in 68

Everyday fuck what everybody say

Can’t see him .. smoke something light up

I am the fucking man you already know it

Fuck the human being boss I am a space poet

Up town New York city bitch take it back girl let me put some soul in it

.. uncle .. in my looneytunes every Sunday ain’t much to do

.. finish .. make sit change me young money cash money most hated

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