Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Banned From Radio lyrics

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My first thought in the morning

Is to kill your favourite rapper in this middle of this yawn

Wake up nigga, six straight up nigga before I see the L the future make up nigga

All you boys bitches, wet clothes ‘bout to get add

Did head with the vaginas between their legs

I gotta think kick before you so cold nights,

Rather extra height, rather spread the word,

I’m in Vegas rappers, don’t here to recycle, but try to just face it,

Like I’m in wins, niggas slippers, niggas couldn’t time my leaces,

Only sell the pies, so we supplying the biggers,

Dice game, big game, never supplying the wasters

Second place the first luces, so I strap for the greatest,

The motherf*ckers never love us, but I drive on Vegas

Get out of pocket, middle there, I’m a guard, you should see me bro,

We favourite, my young boy, you look that simmy go,

Whoever need it, you would end up in the e-on, respect your need,

You could need that sucker shit louder

So I can hear you, that .. hear lay loud, better get clear through

When them twin bout to pop, this is what I see it to,

Holy further be with them, mother say I’m prayin too,

And been sick with this since the boogie man scared you,

Flow stupid like a petal, on the motor vehicle

I’m a different type of nigga than this hoes use to

If I ever have seen em thirsty for a juice boo

Can’t lie, got my own swag, from the choose crew,

Shit is eye lose slim, like a sticky juicy fruit

Somebody go and tell you I got the choose to

Keep the forty believe low like bitch choose .. if a nigga bust one

And we gonna shoot you,

Shout out to my other town niggas in my down town, niggas

My cross down niggas in my other town niggas,

Here’s the other town nigga, don’t get out of bounce nigga

‘cause I get the mission starting never out of ran figure

Train the circus, use the f*cking clown nigga

On my booky click shit, buck em down nigga

I’m tryin to get the table when we bust it down nigga

Shit that’s probably three feens at the bustin now niggas, hold up.

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