Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Adorn (Remix) lyrics

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That girl, fly guy,

warm nights Mary molly and my ties

she see a true hustler in my eyes

plus I ask can't afford it type I call that I drive

everything is down the hills to the big bag

the type of shit that make a broke bitch mad

crash the hunder when you want the big Jack

broke up with the man and bought the house bigger than his pet, me

Met my love,

just let my love adorn you, hey baby

yeah, you gotta know, you gotta know

you know I ain't adore you, yeah baby

y'all y'all

I might hit her with a joke for a quick lab

just to see how sexy her smell

or how she switch that

why she work that, go ahead and work that

she know I compare and work what she work at

close the door ..the dress

been I over the desk, and we all know what's next

red carpet different outfits,

matching lovers I feel in love her I

and your friends tryin to dead us and they stay

tryin to break down

but don't let that affect how we manover do the weekend no glance

just pack the double and go get our passport

I'm gonna let my love,

let my love adorn you,

..you got no, yeah yeah

you know that I adore you, just that baby

Leanie shorts wipe ears no socks

the cell frames take top don't let twist gluck

fit go you've with the lock

no Jesus peace, not too many rappers that

no disrespect but Mills has to escape that

super woman gotdamn will okay that

how about we VK and see a draw P

will meet the..wild on year yeah like it's the way

Hey Millz, why I'm seeing me

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