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Jae Millz - 1st Degree Murder lyrics

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It’s Millz!

You know what that sound like?

This sound like the part of the movie

Where the monster is chasing the lady at the end, right?

And she like almost get away and she fall

And then you know what happen after that

Yo, yo!

Here go his address don’t worry

I’ll send the squad wit ya

If anybody asks tell’em Large Mark sent you

I know the game like a card dealer

My bitch head good like a De Barge member

Life’s a bitch but I spar wit her

All about my music

And my money like guitar center

My youngling on the steep

Sitting with the pump

On that little duck shit

Like this ain’t what you want

All them 2 dads 12

That’s where the fuck I’m from

Poking gangbang bang

Fuck her one on one

Every day you saw me fly

When the bell rung

Now every day I’m on that same shit

From when I was young

Check me out though

I want you to get mad

How you wanna do it?

2 door or the 4

Pull up in some shit

From the showroom floor

Girl I crash into that pussy,

Hope that thing ensured

Put yo ass to sleep,

You’ll wake up like you see me ....

Medicated in my Dutch

But ain’t nothing wrong

You could call Kirk Hannon

Cos ain’t nothing wrong

I done made a couple dollars

Of a couple songs

Invested that into my team

Now we fuckin on

Got a girl in wash heights

All about her biz

Cook up coke, do wash

And sex out the same crib

I use to beat that caperer from 1-56

Now I’m probably in beauty in Essex with yo bitch

Uptown till I die

Nigger what it is?

She love a Harlem nigger

Even made a couple kids

No credit but I know niggers

Who swipe for real

Insane in the membrane, Cypress Millz

I don’t have to tell you things are bad

Everybody knows things are bad

Punks are running wild in the streets there’s nobody

Worst here seems to do

Now we know things about worse than that

It’s crazy, it’s like everything, everywhere is going crazy

Check me out though!

I’m all the way

All the way gone nigger

I mean far away

So far away

I’m already getting head tomorrow today

Rewind that back don’t barbiturate

Bombs away I mean bars away

Why these little niggers wanna start to play

I was powered off who started me?

I don’t know but one thing I do now

Is these boys better move on, V-E-R

Cos I might spas and who knows

Well you know,

I’m stunting like nothing like ever

Before that you ever saw

Ready for war no pain on my face

Don’t take my floor G niggers is frauds

Minus the badge you niggers is broads

Go against me, you hitting the wall

Crash dummy go visit the morgue

Music make a lay rapper spirit is off

You ain’t say shit

While you get it regard-less

You so back on that other shit

Much think of all you bitch niggers

That been running round on that sucker shit

I see you

But Imma act like I don’t know

Rich street nigger you can act like a dope straight

Murdering but don’t act like a wall piece

These niggers ain’t ill back to the drones

I think I better shoot using half of my dome

Groupie ass hoe you chase after the boner

I’m not after the pussy

I’m after the tumbles

My girl bust it open soon as I get home

You still talking shit

Man, I’m laughing at home

Niggers is lame with no sense of style

Just get a style

Let’s leave fashion alone


Reality of the situation

That’s what you facing

We sharp shit,

No shell case and no evidence

No building cases,

No court dating no nothing

Them niggers hating

Man fuck’em

These niggers ain’t pimping

They coffins

It’s Millz, put yo favorite rapper

In the oven and cook him

Don’t you want the truth?

Go to your guru

Go to yourselves

Because that’s the only place you

Ever gonna find any real truth

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