Jacksoul - I Know What You Want

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I Know What You Want

I played around and I played the field.

I was one mad dog, girl. You know, for real.

And I didn't give a damn just who I hurt.

Spent all my time, just chasing skirt.

Now I've met a girl like you.

Tell me, what's this man supposed to do?

It feels like love, I must confess

'Cause it rips my heart right from my chest

Every time she says...

"I know what you wanna

You just wanna run your game."

All the girls dem dub me shady.

I just want you to be my baby.

"I know what you wanna

You just wanna tell your crew."

Now at last it's love I find

But she can't leave my past behind.

I can tell right from the look in your eyes

You been hearing some stories and their not all lies.

But whether they're lies or whether they're true

I'd never run no game on you. No.


Words are cheap and words are hollow.

And once you cheat, nobody's gonna swallow

That you turned your life around.

And in the end, she's gonna listen to her friends.

Just to hunt you down has taken a week.

But you won't take my calls, you won't even speak to me.

All that scheming is in the past.

Please believe that's all I ask.


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