Ironik - Coming Up For Air Freestyle

rate me

Love for me, love for me

where did you get this love for me

I feel like alone defines me company

What do I do with the .. my playing constantly

Radio play my single so many times I swear ..

Make you under me, had the top five all my .. in another ..

Fans to all my fans and British lines now overseas

All the success on my chest .. hard to breathe

Got to tell you from the heart

Let me take you to the star .. finally view before the ..

Now I’m getting 62 views all my God .. nominate win

show amazing I’m thanking God

I’m going hard I can’t even start,

I left my all label my love is getting dropped

I’m on the new label we always see the top

I’m loving my fans don’t never leave the ..

I’m feeling ...

Can’t hold me down ..and whatever ..the sky

Feeling .. the home

Coming up I never stop.. now watch me fall

..the sky

I leave my own world no and I ain’t leave ..many and shows the glass to ..

Took took me legendary across the border with no players with no feries

Keep do the music till I’m in cemetery

And even when I’m gone believe my music resurrect me

if you don’t know how I wanna free your memory

the haters accept me .. I’ve had so many

even in the world .. asking why ..blessing

..somehow I’ve made it won’t change this for the whole world

of music never replace this now my music is got so good


Give me more medicine .. so many papers

We don’t even know I’m about to blow

Lost ... is my .. my turn it up no play it on

I made it just for you this is really song.

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Thanks to garbo

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