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Iron & Wine - Walking Far From Home

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I was walking far from home

Where the names were not burned along the wall

Saw a building high as heaven

But the door was so small, door was so small

I saw rain clouds, little babies

And a bridge that had tumbled to the ground

I saw sinners making music

And I dreamt of that sound, dreamt of that sound

I was walking far from home

But I carried your letters all the while

I saw lovers in a window

Whisper "want me like time, want me like time"

I saw sickness bloom in fruit trees

I saw blood and a bit of it was mine

I saw children in a river

But their lips were still dry, lips were still dry

I was walking far from home

And I found your face mingled in the crowd

Saw a boat full of believers

Sail off talking too loud, talking too loud

I saw sunlight on the water

Saw a bird fall like a hammer from the sky

An old woman on the speed train

She was closing her eyes, closing her eyes

I saw flowers on a hillside

And a millionaire pissing on the lawn

Saw a prisoner take a pistol

And say "join me in song, join me song"

Saw a car crash in the country

Where the prayers run like weeds along the road

I saw strangers stealing kisses

Leaving only their clothes, only their clothes

Saw a white dog chase its tail

And a pair of hearts carved into a stone

I saw kindness and an angel

Crying take me back home, take me back home

Saw a highway, saw an ocean

I saw widows in the temple to the Lord

Naked dancers in the city

How they spoke for us all, spoke for us all

I saw loaded linen tables

And a motherless colt then it was gone

I saw hungry brothers waiting

With the radio on, radio on

I was walking far from home

Where the names were not burned along the wall

Saw a wet road form a circle

And it came like a call, came like a call from the Lord

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