Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine - Kingdom Of The Animals

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Jenny was gone

And the moon blooms

All shining

As we dragged our panic

Up and down the riverbed

Sweating wild and weird

In our Sunday clothes

Jenny was gone

Though I thought that I knew her

And the rain came howling

Out of Virginia

Blue tick blowing the water

Out her nose

Jenny and me in the front row

And singing about how heaven calls

The kingdom of the animals all

And all revealed to us one day

Jenny and me on the hilltop

And peeking at all their upturned bottles

Jumping like leopards

Jaw hearp teasing the brushfire in its rage

Jenny came back

And the wet road still shining in our eyes

An angel clear and coronal

Clothed in all that's prodigal and strange

Jenny came back

And I thought that I heard her

Murmur something about

No men in Virginia

Spat on the ground

Like a letter tossed away

Jenny and me in my dead truck

And turning over

Just where heaven calls

The kingdom of the animals

Scratching our heads

Where the wolf would go to lay

Jenny and me as the moon blooms

Were closing and both her wide-eyed brothers

Running like shepherds

Dreaming the heat of the fields

All in flames

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