Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Walls Of Fire

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You're looking battered

oh, you shure ain't looking well

we managed to survive

to escape this living hell

I must agree our situation

ain't too cool

but anyway, we'll make it back

that is the rule

burning amber, blazing heat

this ain't the time to die

so get up on your feet

we stood the firestorm

we stood the attack

I'm gonna take you home

I swear I'll bring you back

carry on

don't loose the energy

don't let it fade away

listen to me

This is a bad

bad day for dying

it's a bad

bad day for dying

we'll break through

the walls of fire

So let's get on with it

let's play their little game

They are the hunters

we are the pray

They're seeking - we're hiding

they're tracking down our trace

but in the end we gonna win

this deadly race

stay alive

don't drown in mortal fear

together we will make it

don't leave me now

I need you here

This is a bad day for dying


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