Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Unchained

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[Music and lyrics by P. Sielck]

[Lead and backing vocals by Jan and Piet]

[Choir vocals by Jan and Piet]

[Jan:]</i> A new day is born

In peace and in silence

Rays of the sun

Rip through the clouds

[Piet:]</i> A new age is to come

[Jan:]</i> The darkness decays

The heavens are shining

golden and blue enlightening the dawn

[Piet:]</i> A New World will move on

So many lives

Out in the fields oh so many have died

Now we will rise

The chains that have held us are broken

and now we are

Free - from the tyrant

The conqueror's been banished

Free - and united

The throne in the sky now is

Free - free from the tyrant

Relentless we fought to be

Free - free and united

We have outlasted the war

The shadows of war

[Jan:]</i> They came from the stars

to search a forgotten land

Rescue they brought

With thunder they fought

[Piet:]</i> The tide has turned as the appeared

So many tears

Ohh, we will always remember the years

Earth has been burned

but then they returned

to save us and now we are

Free - from the tyrant

[Solo 1: Piet]

[Jan:]</i> No more we'll fight

[Piet:]</i> Return to the light

[Jan:]</i> The conqueror's been banished

[Piet:]</i> The savior has vanished

[Jan:]</i> The mighty machine

[Piet:]</i> a million life's dream

[Both:]</i> outlasted the past

[Both:]</i> out in the vast

[Solo 2: Piet / Solo 3: Kai]

Free - from the tyrant

After the war

The world is unchained

Freedom we've gained

The Savior's been banished

The fortress has vanished

In peace and in silence

The world will move on

Darkness and war

No more we'll fight

We have returned - returned to the light

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