Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Predators

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[Words & Music by Sielck]

[Hey you shadow bastards! We'll blow your asses out of space and time! Understand?]

They came to take our land and lifes

To terminate our race

All across the galaxy

They leave a deadly trace

Emerged from Hell - an evil spell

The universe is cursed

They came to please and satisfy

Their everlasting thirst

We will stand

Together til the end

Into the fire we will ride

Predators - on the hunt for prey

Predators - come to make our day

You gonna pay

We warn you now

You things up there

It's time to understand

We'll blow you into nothingness

Whatever you may send

We will stand...

Predators - on the hunt for prey...

[Solo Piesel]

Onto the battlefield

Onto the firing line

We gonna blow your asses

Out of space and time


Predators - on the hunt for prey...

You gonna pay - some day

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