Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Eye To Eye

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[Music and lyrics by P. Sielck]

[Lead and backing vocals by Piet Choir vocals by Jan and Piet]

Into the night moonless cold and black

Hell is waiting, there is no turning back

Suddenly the air was on fire

Your buddy never had a chance

His blood on your hands you'll never forget

his cold and lifeless glance

Times of war are times of death

and now the killing is on

Now the killing is on

Mortal fear is creeping in your mind

and soul tonight

Nowhere to hide

Eye to eye - facing the enemy

Brave at heart - fighting for liberty

Heroes or fools

Out in the fields bitterness rules

Eye to eye - facing a deadly thread

Don't look back - look straight ahead

with the will to survive

Just keep up the faith

and victory is on your side

You closed his eyes

Forever he'll rest

Another victim another live

The hawks are hunting and you are the pray

so keep yourself alive

Flames of fury like the purgatory

burning high, burning the sky

Eye to eye - facing the enemy

[Solo 1: Kai]

Unlimited rage - rage

is driving you mad

Unlimited fury - fury

twisting in your head

Can't stand the pain - pain

it's driving you insane

You scream for vengeance - vengeance

but who's to blame

Aimless - like a drifter on the sea

Caught up in reality of war

Restless - always on the run

Hopes and dreams, they're gone

Take me away

[Solo 2: Piet]

Eye to eye - facing the enemy

Eye to eye - facing the enemy

Face to face - heroes or fools

Back to back - out in the fields

the bitterness rules

Eye to eye - look straight ahead

Face to face - the will to survive

Don't look back - just keep up the faith

And victory is on your side

On your side at last

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