Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Eye Of The World

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[Words & Music by Sielck]

[The Iron Savior has returned to Earth and it seems that the fable will turn.]

Travelling the stars out in the cold

Out on the quest for the old

You had to leave

So don't come to grief

You couldn't see what is right or wrong

Atlantis seemed to be gone

So you attacked

The ones to protect

Out of control

You've been pounding the world

Seems now the tables have turned

Eye of the world - of the world

Back to defend

Your ancient land

Eye of the world

Back from the past

Back to save us at last

Guarding or star, giving us hope

For man you will cope

Now you can see

Who is the enemy

From the abyss

It's the savior's return

Seems now the tables will turn

Eye of the world...

Solo Piet - Kai - Piet - Kai

Mighty machine

Set us free from the night

Be our guiding light

There is a star

Rising up in the sky

We hold your banner high

From the abyss...

Eye of the world...

Eye of the world

Save us

The tables will turn

Eye of the world

Save us

The shadow will burn

Eye of the world

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