Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Dragons Rising

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[Words & Music by Sielck]

During the savior war the sleeper from ancient Atlantis was leading the battle - today he cannot cope with the new world. Isolated and lonely he fades away day by day. But the thread of the Shadow brings him back to life. Once again he shall lead the battle... so the Dragon is rising.]

When I look at tomorrow

Who will I be

What will I find

Seems I'm drowning in sorrow

Everything changes

My life's redefined

When I look at tomorrow

Where will I go

What will I see

Seems I'm stuck in this hollow

Stuck in this heep, this heep of debries

Ohh, there's a pain

Deep down inside of me

Ohh, I don't know

What is my destiny

I've been the Dragon and once I've been strong

Look at me what I've become

Now I see

A Dragon again I must be

I must regain what I've lost long ago

The fires inside me still glow

To the skies

The Dragon again will arise

When I look at tomorrow

I will find

My own peace of mind

I shall leave all my sorrow

The road to myself I will follow

I'm on my way

To meet my destiny

I shall overcome

The pain deep inside of me

I've been the Dragon...

[Solo Piet]

I killed the demons

They haunt me no more

I'm loaded and charged to the core

Unholy poison was

Depraiving my soul

Now I am back in control

Dragon arise!

[Solo Piet]

I'm on my way...

I've been the Dragon...

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