Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Break The Curse

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[Music and Lyrics by Sielck]

Another wasted night ahead

another wasted day

stuck in a dead end

with a monster in your head

feeding on your energy

taking over control

makes you obey

spilling poison to the soul

in dull submission

you won't track down its hide

it's the indifference

that made you blind

break the curse

time is running short

shorter than you think

break the curse

from very deep inside your mind

a voice is calling you


there's gotta be more to life than you know

shake off the routine from your mind

and leave the treadmill far behind

break the curse


break it up

[solo Piesel - Piet]

don't let the demon of conformity

destroy it all

what's still there waiting to be free

go kill the monster in your head

you gotta gotta gotta

burn down the treadmill

and move straight ahead

break the curse


stand up and raise your fist up high

and make two fingers pointing to the sky

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