Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Back Into The Light

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[Words & Music by Sielck]

[The Dark Empire has been defeated. The home world of Shadow is burning in nuclear fire and it is only a question of time for the gate to collapse. Will the crew get back to the gate in time... or will they remain in this dying universe of the Black?]

Thrown into a world

Where night is ruling day

Where nothing will remain

Existence will decay

The hope of despair

Deep inside our heart

Brought us to the lair

The center of the Dark

Strange and unknown hemisphere

A mission to fulfill

Evil will await us there

We're prepared to kill

Deep inside the emptiness

What to come, to find

Right into the black abyss

Leaving all behind

The stars are black beyond the gate

A wasteland

We must destroy it

For man's sake

Once in a while

I fade into a dream

Skies of blue

And meadows of green

Lost in the void

Vanished from our entity

Lost in the void

Cursed to remain in infinity

Out into unknown

A road of no return

To find the Shadow's throne

The Dark ones have to burn

Bold and brave we made our way

In eternal night

We won't let us led astray

We shall return to the light

The stars are black beyond the gate...

Once in a while...

Lost in the void...

[Solo Kai/Piet]

Strange and unknown hemisphere

Our mission is fulfilled

Evil has been waiting there

Ohh, and we have killed

Deep inside the emptiness

The gate we had to find

Out of the black abyss

Leaving all behind

Back from the void

Back into our entity

Back from the void

Shadow remain in infinity

Leaving all behind

Back into the light

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