Interfector - Serbian Progressive Black Metal Band. Formed at the late December 2000. by Carcass, Invictus & Apeiron. Antares joined in later.

The inspiration for their musical journies came straight from their hearts filled with love and hate for everything around them, from the everlasting quest for something beyond and from the ancient and very rich Serbian tradition and history. The structures of their songs includes everything from the raw old-school black metal to technical death, combined with progressive elements and the ethnic folk sounds. They carried their flag through the cities of Banja Luka, Belgrade, Brcko, Sombor, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Ruma, Pancevo, Krusevac (Republic of Srpska, Serbia), Podgorica (Montenegro), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Sarajevo, Zenica (Bosnia), and through many other places enriching their music and bringing new ideas and challenges to cope with.

Line up: Dejan Višnjić *Carcass - vocal, bass guitar Oliver Dejanović *Invictus - guitars, back vocals Branislav Stanković *Antares - keyboards, back vocals Nebojša Lakić *Apeiron - drums


  • The Force Within (Rock Express Records, 2004.)
  • Brčko Masakr (Live demo CD, 2001)

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