Innocent Bystander

Innocent Bystander - Calling

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You and me

I always thought it would be forever

You and me

We used to laugh everyday together

And in the wake of a moment

It slips away...

And in a wake of this mourning

Calling for you, I know you can hear me call

Between fires and broken walls

Brother hear me now

Mother please don't cry

You know that he never wanted...

Father please don't sigh

You know that he always hated

Sad faces on one another

Won't heal the hurt

But in the wake of this mourning

Won't you hear me now?

Remembering the days when we would run out on top of ground

Birthday cakes and belly aches from laughing without sound

Twenty three you take from me

You make me bleed

Don't make believe that I can fly

No need to try, can we survive

Can we survive?

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