Infernal Dominion

Infernal Dominion was a Texas based Death metal band featuring former Imprecation guitarist Wes Weaver. They have since broken up, though Wes has started a new band entitled Blaspherian. Be sure to check them out!!!

As far as I know Infernal Dominion only released one CD. Very Brutal Death Metal.

If you are a fan of slow doomy, sludgy death metal with growling vocals and blast beats thrown in, than be sure to check this band out!

Band Members
Wes Weaver – Guitar – Also see: Imprecation
Jim Case – Guitar
Chance Allen – Bass
Mike Swearengen – Vocals
Dobber – Drums

Below is a list of Infernal Dominion’s releases

Salvation Through Infinite Suffering
Released: 2000
Label: Corpse Gristle

Rejoice In Ancient Wisdom
Purging Purity
Salvation Through Infinite Suffering
Embrace Thy Befallen Misery
Marching Through Waves of Holy Bloodtide
Gutted Children Of Faith
Toward Infernal Dominion
So Far Gone