In Peter Spoeckers own words: I've had a love affair with India most of my life. Even as a teenager I was more into Ravi Shankar than Elvis Presley. Since 1972 I've been coming to India so frequently that I've lost track of how often and every page of my passport is cluttered with India entry stamps. During the mid-seventies I took several trips to India to buy gemstones for my jewelry making business. That was my first “real life” introduction to Indian culture and society. I felt highly privileged that I had this opportunity to know this most ancient and so very human culture and I felt personally enriched to know that my purchases were providing work for a few people in a nation with a chronic labor surplus. Recently I've been spending about half the year in Bombay for musical instrument development and for overseeing all phases of production and quality control. Working so closely and extensively with my partner, Anirudh Bhargava and his family and our employees, subcontractors, and suppliers has greatly deepened my appreciation for the cultural strengths, family, and social values of the people of India. These beautiful people have lodged in my heart and India is as much home to me as any of the places associated with my ancestry or my passport.

We have a large "family" making our modern instruments. In choosing a musical instrument the important considerations are how it plays, sounds, looks, and if it's a good value for the money. We have developed a deep interest in ethnic instruments and are also keenly interested in global, social, and humanitarian issues. It is very important to us that our instruments are made in the best working conditions by highly motivated people who are paid well and derive personal satisfaction from their work. We have met this criteria and are proud to offer instruments that are a lasting treasure for you.

The Indian culture is strongly based on family bonds, duties, mutual support and respect. People in India do for each other and they're incredibly resilient. Due to a progressive economic policy, unrestricted International trade, and currency exchange, conditions in India have improved dramatically during the decades I've been coming here. A constantly growing assortment of products and services are now being provided by skilled Indians for a world market.
We provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for our employees. We also provide generously for family medical, other emergencies and we provide financial help for educating their children. As a result, our staff have been extremely dedicated and loyal. During the Tribal Earth start up phases we have occasionally had periods with no work for most of our people, but they always get their full pay. We have a true feeling of mutual respect and loyalty and family like teamwork in our entire organization.