Ya Boy

Ya Boy - Showin Out lyrics

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Hundred hoes when I roll out

all my flushes be soled out

showin up and I showout

nigga all this money I'm blowin out

pole it out, blow it out, pole it out, blow it out

pole it out, blow it out

I'm showin up and I'm showin out

I'm going up, I ain't going out

hundred thick when I'm strolling out

money talking close your mouth

I'm showing up and I'm showin out

pole it out, blow it out,

pole it out, blow it out

pole it out, blow it out

showin up and I'm showin out

Ridin up in my new car

ridin ride with my new bro

I heard you was hatin on me but

don't know who the f*ck you are

girl I'm raping the convict

and I'm rockin like ..

I'll be making my ..flip

chick is none of my profit

thousand miles on that dash board

laf lane, fast lane, twitter why I'll be the rock store

she'll be hittin my .., I'll be hittin her ..spot

then I'm hittin my weed spot

re cope and smoke it all

till I'm high that three top

I've been making the movies

y'all girl jacuzzi, I'm walk around in that ..

when home like two freaks

with my cake I whine that

and they say for my mind that

VIP is where I match

show man what outside that..


I'm showin' out and I'm showin' out

tryin' these AK I falled it out

I'm the nigga they know about

they ..the p**sy no holding out

god late white B don't beat it up like A LEE

say she tired than fake niggas

well baby girl come try me

I'm in the club spinnin' bub, turning thug

throwin' it up, black card Oz enough

with Wiz Khalifa we rolled it up

pole it up forgot to mention my lane yellow

like Lisa Simpson ran out the purple

.. show me the money

I climb the pigeon

f*ck the rap, f*ck the rap,

I'm in the trap made a hundred stacks

god low it and blew it all

bitch I want my money back

throwin' cash like I don't need it

I'm gorgeous you conceited

you can see I be the reason

I be as league miss convict


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