Ya Boy

YA BOY SET TO MAKE HISTORY IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY San Francisco, CA - August 16, 2006 - It's been a long but short road to the top for the young rap phenom Ya Boy. Around this time last year, he was preparing the release of his debut solo album, "Rookie of The Year". A year later almost to the day, he has taken things up notches above the rest. As a fast learner he has proven that he's also a fast achiever, creating a large fanbase for himself that spans the entire globe, from Los Angeles to Europe.

Since hitting LA earlier in the year to find more opportunities for himself, YB didn't have to knock doors down to get in the game, they opened for him. His undeniable gift to spit brought him endless success and notability, and alongside his mentor and business partner Phat Rat, he has rubbed shoulders with greats and celebrities, and is quickly reaching that same level of recognition.

"In my short time in the rap game I did the unthinkable. I dont think anybody in this world can do what I do. I'm a fast learner and I just get better every single day. I definitely grew. I broke out the cocoon. When I first started rapping I was just a kid. 18 years old, didn't know the ropes, I didn't do anything but just rap. I grew. I been studying n-ggas, I'm in the industry now. I'm looking at things differently. I'm vibing, traveling."

Ya Boy has also been working with platinum producers and major factors in the music industry. With songs on Johnathan 'JR' Rotem tracks, as well as collaborations with BWS producer Nu Jerzey Devil, and an up and coming young producer from North Carolina, D1, Ya Boy definitely has the right ammo to bring the world even more hits.

One of the latest milestones was his track, "100 Bars of Crack" in which Ya Boy kept listeners mesmerized for a span of 100 bars of rap lines. He hit the world off with quotable after quotable and never become stagnant, all in a span of 5 minutes. With the recently released Black Wallstreet Journal under The Game's BWS imprint, many have called him the breakout star of the project and all eyes are on him, just as they were on the late 2Pac 10 years ago.

"2Pac is actually my biggest influence, I would listen to his music and just get goosebumps. I'm trying to give off that same feeling. I'm trying to send chills down people's spines cause it's so real. That flow. I stopped gettin that from rap. I'm trying to give that to people."

Coming off the heels of the BWS mixtape as well as other projects such as Clinton Sparks and E-Rock's "Welcome to US of Bay" among other nationwide mixtapes, the buzz has been tremendous and it's only a matter of time before Ya Boy finds his home on a major.

"I'm in talks with a few majors. They definitely eatin' Ya Boy up. I won't give names, but I guarantee you within the next 2 months you will hear who I am signed with. I feel that hip hop definitely needs Ya Boy and major is the only way to go."

With his cocky demeanor and confident way of carrying himself, some have criticized and questioned if he was a bit too arrogant or into himself. Ya Boy states that it's only an essential quality to feel that way in order to be a leader. "If I was to sit up here and say that other people are better than me and not tell you I'm this good, you would feel like you aint fuckin with me. If I don't believe that I'm the best, nobody else will."

As someone who stays true to his roots and remembers his humble beginnings, Ya Boy made his start in the bay and still represents that in nearly every track he spits on. One of the prominent figures in the birth of his rap career was his big cousin, San Quinn, who still holds a good relationship with him. Since Ya Boy left Done Deal to further his career, rumors ran rampant and people questioned whether the cousins were still maintaining that close relationship. "Me and San Quinn are blood," Ya Boy emphasizes. "Alot of people love to stir that sh-t up and say we beefing. We will never beef. We might get mad at each other at times, that's a normal part of a family; but then we'll be cool that night. If anything went down he always had my back and I still got his."

..From this point on the only way from here is to the top, and Ya Boy confidently states that he is ready to face the pressure, ready to lead the west coast as a young leader of the pack.

"Like my cousin Quinn said, pressure makes diamonds. It is alot of pressure to put on somebody, especially someone as young as me. I'm ready to help carry this coast man, I got a gift. I ain't got no choice but to use it. I'm gonna take this to the highest level and put on a show. I'm gonna put on a show for the world. You will see why I am the next coming."

Artist Opinion On Ya Boy

"I wouldn't fuck with him if he wasnt great" - DJ Skee

"I was through with new artists until i heard my nephew." - Phat Rat

"He is a very talented rapper, but an even better writer." - Britney Spears

"Ya Boy marks the beginning of the next episode of West Coast fury." - Dr. Dre

Source: http://artists.letssingit.com/ya-boyy-v3tgq/biography