Ya Boy

Ya Boy - Patron On The Rocks lyrics

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Yeah nigga your girl know him

Bay Area bully, whole mouth frozen

Still got the big 4-4 on him

Tatted like a death row inmate: no grin

Young Ya Boy, hotter than the oven

'cause racket like the U.S. Open

I get mo' money, mo' dough, mo' yin

Mo' chedder, mo' scribble, mo' scratch, mo' ins

Holla at your boy when I'm in your city (bitch)

I'm a bad boy, I don't know P-Diddy

Young feel mo' slim, Fresco City

When I leave the club

All the ho's come with me

Patrone on the rocks blowin' quartz in the air

Got your girl on my cock

Baby boy I'm a player

Got the toast in the spot

You don't wanna get popped

So hood, so block, so drunk I got

Ho's on my cock and patron on the rocks (I got)

We bottle poppin'

You cock blockin'

I'm on my gorilla's, oh shit

Hood nigga, half a mil on my neck

And I wish you would nigga

I don't wanna do a song with you

I'm good nigga

I ain't at the bar 'cause the bar at my table

Precise gang and I'm the star of the label

Two chains, both hang down to my navel

I don't need a record deal, look I'm stable

Yeah I'm good baby girl I'm straight

I've been the nigga mutherfucker you lay

Step up in the spot with that Kushy smell

Tryin' to get your girl to show me how that pussy feel

All black congac, same old 2 step

Bitch on my dick and she still ain't moved yet

Still get it hot, baby girl we can rock

Maybe the watch is the reason why I got

Ho's on my cock and patron on the rocks (I got)

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