Ya Boy

Ya Boy - Loco lyrics

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(ft Philthy Rich, Shad Gee & CikMoney)

My nigga white me my nigga shot G

bitch look, look

I'm going, I'm going, I'm going,

i'm going, I'm going, I'm going

I'm going


4 4 on my hip nigga

fuck around and strip nigga

I hear them with the chopper thing

I better make a flip nigga

no eyes don't broke with hoes

no I don't even know though

bitch I'm just one wild nigga

I guess I'm going loco

hey I'm going loco,

bitch I'm going loco

I'm going loco, bitch I'm going loco

I'm going loco, bitch I'm going loco

ask about me bitch I said I'm going nigga loco

yeah your money talk mother f*cker well

my money preach, tools on me like I can't fix a nigga sink

fix a nigga tight, earn a nigga suit

black call rockstars but them niggas shoot

move white but the chopper black is the ace sustain

my young nigga is lie you up like a tape of fame

I'm going loco I saw crack, I broke ..

..my grill out my mouth peace

look like a smoke gone

bitch I'm going loco a body full of..

young nigga have money no you ain't got the..

so I think I lost my f*ckin mind

..a thousand all around my f*cking neck and I've seen now

f*ckin check the highest nigga

on the west only f*ckin nigga

..all the nigga who gang bang the ..the hood they..

I thank the nigga go insane

and all these yellow diamonds in my f*ckin chain

I thank the nigga go insane

and..all the black diamonds in my f*ckin chain


My gun just beat my..is fast

..to young nigga I've been ..

you see the balls all my nigga her

better jump..make a flip

keep on my little niggas with the thirties

'cause I ain't that black nigga

I've been pushing..

as 50 stacks in my..Kanye..

saint ..

dirty money no puff daddy got a life private

tattoos like what you wanna puff daddy

whipping like she s*ck daddy

and nigga I dont' know cally

cally is so act two cups blue cups

pink ..great switch, great soldier

coll bitch and be a bro

..get it in the air I ain't shipping

is the yellow water pink when I'm serve sipping

black car get your money nigga

we ain't tripping


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