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Ya Boy - ILL lyrics

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Motherfucker I’m ill

Look I got my wrist talking to her

She know the dumbest shit like manure

The homie ran through her

So I just wanna do her

She’d better hop on me

‘Cause I be damned if I pursue her

You noticed that I’d do her

I’ll fuck her like I knew her

I swear that bad bitches

Can’t get lower than the sewer

My name’s starting to buzz

And I ain’t gonna say I blew her

But now I’m in the game

Motherfucker, time to suit up

Falling like a quarterback

Cleaner than a golfer

Everything’s for sale, my nigger maker an offer

My name ring bells, bitch

You talking Quasimodo

Got 99 problems, I ain’t tripping off no hoe, though

They wanna take my photo

The Bentley is a photo

Slide up in your vision

Make you keep it in your …

All about my bill

And I’m dressed to kill

Brought ‘em off the cookie

The syrup and some pills

Motherfucker I’m ill

Look, my car pretty like a model

And all my hand guns filled with halo

All my bitches swallow

That money I’m gonna follow

Shop ahead and make that nigga spin no Cerato

Bitches we don’t buy those

Nigga we just try those

We them niggas on ridin’ in that no fly zone

Nigga don’t get fired on

You know you payin’ five lows

Or is Louie …

Nigga who you tryin’ to style on?

They don’t like that outbreak monkey

No movie I’ll be doing what the fuck I wanna do

Hoe sue me, the Gucci hold the …

I’m sipping down …

And all my bitches bad, brother

Their actions are unruly

That’s just how I feel

I’m the trillest of the trill

They should put me in a room

By myself, I’m too ill

Everything I do is for them hundred dollar bills

Off them prescription drugs and I need a refill

Motherfucker I’m ill

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