Ya Boy

Ya Boy - Hold On lyrics

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(Feat. Shawty Lo)

Hold on, it's getting ..





hold on wait to me,

mills to gun done, y'all to gun shit

ah I heard you're not coming

y'all not balling

Hold on, wait to me,

mills to gun done y'all to gun shit

ah I heard you're not coming

y'all not balling

you're some Prada,

you ain't balling, you're some cheerleaders

so rock with some .. you're some real drinkers

practice thick like them bitch from the magic city

and some nigga in my fashion pretty

I make all concrete we make it dreaming

it's live rich nigga money match the wing spring

got a trap like GG out in California

and you're licking me you better have a Hammer on you

hit the club and make the world win

call find it in my girlfriend

but I ask like me so it's alright

put the moly in the bitch and f*ck it all night

fly out to the bay it would just like me

put the hoe on the blame and get it high

before the game start joshin to the tower

what you're not balling

Wait a minute, I'm bad

say little shit jsut to be the same

I got a bigger house, I got a bigger boo

play super big I've been this ..

get the f*ck in you, you niggas done done

I know what you did, and I've been done

I can round , I can round, let's show a bitch

I just tryin to give more ten minutes

damn it's nigga so

let you ..girlfriend

shawty shawty what you're waiting your..

the phone wouldn't ..

[2 x Hook:]

you're not balling,

you're not balling

mister done done

all you done shit

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