Ya Boy

Ya Boy - Got My Hood Turnt ft Nipsey Hussle lyrics

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Lane though, cushed up so high you gotta look up

this dope dick got a shook up

now friends tryin hook up

trap over all night long

dirty sprite for that body home

baby say she wanna fly nigga

told you bitch this flight gone

my bitch counting them retch girl

keep me hangin with retch girl

like fast cars, I like big money,

I like blond hair on lack girl

she told em that I'm the rocka

got the mans from my doctor

got the lay for that chopper

that's your hoe I'm gonna knock her

bitch I'm stuntin all on you nigga

go thing all in my sipper

money all in my..

she so thick I think I should tip her

this ain't rail bitch ain't polo

my sound bitch send photo

they make it baby like yolo

get us money all for slow moe

is that


Ask me how I'm doing said I'm richer relax

polling up the cruising at the sipping the flat

got a hoe in the front got a bitch in the back

one licking me blunt, one licking my tax

I got my hood turnt

we pie we sip we pie we sip

we pie we sip we pie we sip

I got my hood turnt

we pie we sip we pie we sip

we pie we sip we pie we sip

I got my hood turnt

We just some young niggas stack came up

broke nigga stay hate us

I'm here on my own that's cause my hoe click ain't got cased up

I like dime hoes with no make-up

fast cars you can't race us

pistols in my stash but I would pop with no hesitation

if you ask me my location won't get no information

just notice I'm getting grip

got no time for conversation

I'm finally on probation

and that's just me I'm making

more cash in different places

I can't back and board the spaceship

and I put up on my haters

bitches bitches taking got these niggas looking mad

I'm bout to instigram their faces

this shit is so basic, more p**sy more paper

ask me how I'm doing I say breaks I'm the flavor


Tell em haters look at me now

tell em bitches got me wipe me down

gotta thinking she wify now

I want a friend she might be down

money long my weed is loud

I need for three a pound

the OG don't get me high

that..gonna bring me down

pack this..that trapped though

poe two but I get four

pro magazine I met blowed

I'm bout to lean like fat Joe

no sip though but I'm strapped though

when the club I'm going through the back dough

see money stuck you lack row

I got racks on racks hoe

see all my clothes..all my hoes Rihannas

I'm gonna get out in pijamas but sip open like a pinata

I'm that nigga let's be honest

I go dum no hook no findings

money I proceed the silent

and your money like no..


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