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Ya Boy - Goldmines lyrics

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So would you goldmine

Could we turn back the clock

And rewind make the moon never sell at the sunshine

And dry up the tears that we’ve cried

i’ve been blind now all i see is goldmines x 4

yeah goldmines

Baby who you with

Baby drop that lane come get with the pimp

ain’t tryin play games, i’m tryin to get rich

grab your heart head i got my ..

baby in the gold mine love you can go mine

let’s go ..we can throw away love line

money cause the whole nine

it’s what i’ve been waiting on my whole life

Pimp it when i say we get rich

A ..mix time yeah we get six

I would drop the blue high the ..

You was driving too nine focus

That everywhere we go people notice

We dare when .. have no chips

..for you ‘cause i .. we on oh shit


No more broke days i ain’t even worry about the old days

Let me see getting money both ways

I’ma stay where the heaven like the Oj’s

That’s real that i drive ‘cause i hear the .. like an ex five

... that we got a .. rise no more

On the road to rich we get paid

Dirty with the ..

Little bit of cush little bit of rose

By my side .. my day

No pretend ..shows

..sures ..so fly you need a ..

I can ..can you see close that

Open the ..


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