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Ya Boy - Cake lyrics

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(money, money, money, money)


Ya boy don't play

I rap but I'm strapped

Gyea I represent the hood got the Bay on my back

I ain't neva been a sucka ask my uncle Phat Rat

Before rap I was gettin my {CAKE} off a crack

Fuck the world till I die I'm feelin just like dat

Somebody call the president tell em Tupac back

With a mouth full of diamonds, Giants hat all black

I'm the greatest we can even bet the {CAKE} on dat


Boom when I approach the hammer

Get hit with a red beam like the grocery scanner

Paranoid so I filled the whole crib full of planners(?)

I like jewlery but I'm spendin all my{CAKE} on Atlanta(?)

Yeah I got a full house like Stephanie Tanner

And the clip on the K look like a banana

All black burner(?) gloves

All black Phantom

I'm the kush man hold the big sack like Santa

Piece of {CAKE} no challenge

Gettin green like salad

Told the homies where you at

It's green like havok murderin is a habit

Expecially when we step in the booth it's automatic for the

(money) the (money) the (money) the (money) the {CAKE}

You niggaz betta pump yo brakes

Ya Boy don't play

I'm rap but I'm strapped

Put you niggaz underground

Put my city on the map

Keep a vest on my chest and a gauge on my lap

And yes money talks cause for the {CAKE} you gettin clacked

Ask about me in New York

I'm the truth it's a fact

And everybody know the Bay

Ya Boy drops it's a rap

I don't need you friendship

You ain't gotta have my back

All I need in this world is {CAKE} and a Mac

I'm the Luke Skywalker

Rhyme talkers I got bars

Fuck a movie Ya Boy ready to war with stars

I gotta flow outta this world it's on Mars

The Earth upped and baked it in a {CAKE} like fuck cigars

My hoes walk around topless like Mardigras

It's the gutter side of hip hop it's too many parties on

Rappin bout the streets erybody knows you not involved

I don't think you hard no nigga not at all

Sweetest {CAKE} from the bakery

Bitch there ain't no fakin me

Say it real nigga till the undertaker takin me

Past the blind even they can see my pockets got no vacancy

It's Ya Boy be makin me some (money) some (money) some (money) some (money)

Some {CAKE}

You niggaz betta pump yo brakes


It's almost time

I know ya'll been patiently waiting for me

I've been sittin back in the Cutty

Gettin my {CAKE}



We finna let the beast loose though

We finna unlock this cage in a minute

I'm goin so hard

I'm gettin {CAKE}

Somthin you niggas don't know nothin about nigga

I don't want that mixtape to drop

I don't think ya'll ready yet

Ya'll want it?

I'm gettin {CAKE}

It's comin nigga

Bout to change the muthafuckin game nigga

Young Ya Boy

Do you understand

Ugh {CAKE}

Ya'll didn't know a Bay area niggas could spit this way huh nigga

Shocked you niggaz huh?

Yeah nigga I'm finna fuck a lot of you niggaz ova

No homo muthafucka

(money, money, money, money) that's what I'm bout though





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