Ya Boy

Ya Boy - Bay Bay Bay Freestyle lyrics

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Precise gang in this mufucka you already know who I am it that's boy ya boy

D1 aye give me somethin man

Aye sf brim on my head all red

Gucci shads on my face bad bitch in my bead

I'm eatin I'm fed I'm gutter I'm hood

I could make a million dollars eyes closed I could

I'm the price of the bay some say I'm the king

But either way you look at it my name still ring

I'm hot fly like a hot air balloon

I asume my money could stack up from the floor to the moon

The mac goes FACK and the nine goes BOOM

Pistol whip your eyes black like rick raccoon

I'm simply that dude real pimp bitch I'm rude

Real banger my mini me so he move how I move from the

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

I, I represent the

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

With my valljo niggas off two backwoods

Had to shoot at a nigga he tried to stomp on my hood

I don't play that shit mother fucka this a bently

And bitch chip in cause my tank on empty

Ho from the O bitch get my dough

I'm a green light boy I don't stop I go

I be yb I swear I see

Dead people every where big face benjeys

Put lambergini doors on my s-550

And it's all blue same color as them crips be

Big black gun planted right where my hip be

I call it a burner it turn a nigga extra crispy

I send hoes so them hoes say he sent me

I pimp hoes so them hoes say he pimp me

Talk alota shit but nigga don't tempt me

Cause I wet niggas and ya shirt say drench me

Ya not fuckin with me pockets look flimsy

All my niggas toss these hoes like frisbys

Grindin all day with a pocket full of yay

And if they looken for me tell em they can find me in the

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

Bay bay bay

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