Ya Boy

Ya Boy - 100 Bars Of Crack lyrics

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Ya boy

100 more nigga


I got my city on lock

And it's like Christmas when I drop

Erybody get a present

Flow hotter than a desert

I'm flyer than a pheasant

I'm higher then a parrot

Hundred thousand dollar chain

Brain brighter than the carats

I'm ahead of ya'll

No breaks on the boy wheels

The difference between me and you is ya boy real

Precise Music, started my own label

I ain't scared to die I'll cut my own cables

Look, bottom line you niggas is hoes

I'm the realest nigga breathin

You niggas exposed (chyea)

Young Ya Boy the one man army

Tag ya toes offtop tottin and tarmy

I ain't scared to use it I ain't scared to yank it

Your body on the cement under that white blanket

No I'm not fakin

I'll leave your head vacant

So if I give you some good advice betta take it

Like, don't fuck with ya boy he crazy

He like Eminem an dem niggaz that boy shady

Hired a choufour nigga dat boy lazy

And I don't really even like to fuck bitch brang me

Walk with a limp, I'm a pimp hoe pay me

I'm ballin like M.J. in the mid 80's

I'm on fire, Bay to Bangkok

Put a hole in your chest the size of Flava Flav clock

I hear the rumors surfacin in the hood

But I ain't trippin I'm in Malibu surfin I'm good

One southwest flight

Your bitch slurpin my wood

And I keep a team of haters like they workin for Suge

Heard them niggaz wanna get me come and try dat boy

I'll put some money on your head yeah buy dat boy

Two heaters never creepin we gon fry dat boy

Leave him sleepin call the reeper he done died at war

Niggaz pillow talk they way right into death

And AIDS killin more than guns you can die from sex

It don't worry me at all, you can die from stress

And put rapper

Bullets cost 20 bucks you can die for less

Pretty quick on ya feet, try an dodge this tech

If a nigga run up he'll get lyed to rest

Bitch my name is Ya Boy and I'm the West

I'm the east, I'm the south ask ya girl

Got a Taliban flow bout to bomb the world

Bout to blow tryna hallow the perfect timin girl

Nahh these ain't braces these diamonds girl

I'm the walkin Flash flight I'm shinin girl

Betta put on them Prada shades and get blinded girl

Get it wet, let me knock out the linin girl

Now turn around, let a nigga get behind ya girllll (HAHA)

I'm the truth in fact, spit hot like fire

Melt the booth like wax yeah

They tryna rap like me but they can't do it

Me and them don't pump the same brain fluid

You ain't good as I is

You ain't hood as I is

Ask about me in the hood I'm the biz

I'm chicken noodle soup sick

Yeah I'm on some new

All black lay back bumpin some old Snoop shit

9 mili with two clips on some troops shit

Fuckin with my eastcoast niggaz on the stoop bitch

I know you impressed but yes yes I do dis

I'm a pitbull and hip hop's my food dish

I do it for Clifornia, Texas, both the Carolina's to Florida

New York, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, my DC

And Maryland niggaz yeah this is for ya

Massachusettes out to New Jersey

I do this for my Pennsylvania niggas screaming "Early"

Oregon, Nebraska, Washington, ask em

I got it on lock AZ to New Hampsire

Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana

And all my Missouri niggas with country grammar

Nuff respect you came to death

Even China and Japan know Ya Boy is next

New Zeland, Australia, Africa, Jamaica

Canada my teethed out niggas gota Quaker

I'm a worldwide nigga yeah the boy is nice

The New Era in hip hop bitch it's Precise

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