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Willow Smith - 'Rta lyrics

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Hello? How are you? Hello?

I thought I knew ya, but then I threw ya off the ledge of my mind, I'm Out of time


I thought I knew ya knew ya

But then I threw ya, off the ledge and off the heights

I'm out my bed, my momma said

I am a goddess with three eyes, six arms and a side kiss

I don't discard this, this evil, these people

Their egos, they're eagles that fly over head

Until death, there is no end, I have no friends

And no soul mates, no roles played

You and me, me and you, that's ok, that's all day

My existence is coursing through your veins

You remember why your home made you this way

You wanna chase them, fantasies of falling out of place

Can you hear them? Vibrations are calling, calling your name

(Chorus x2)

If you really wanna know the truth, I'll tell ya I'll tell ya

If you really wanna go to London, boy, I'll sail ya, I'll sail us

If you wanna see a black hole, singularity holla back at me

If you're interested in being free!


If you're interested in knowing you

If you're interested in knowing who you are

No cars, no lights, just stars and sky

Stars and sky

You can have the secrets to my heart!

You can go wherever you want

Where the light turns to dark now

Where the light turns to dark now

(Chorus x2)

(Outro: na'vi)

virä atan tsmuk ulte tsmukan ftu 'Rrta

(Spread light sisters and brothers of Earth)

Thanks to lailah for correcting these lyrics

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