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Willow Smith - Female Energy lyrics

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(Jhene Aiko's 'The Pressure')

I just landed in another atmosphere

I'm just floating in a stand-still sphere

High pressure impressions

Like where did I come from, I know

I come from that planet

But pity I must...

Years ago, years ago

Years ago, years ago

I do my ? and then I get so lost

I just take my sphere to go

Sphere to go, sphere to go

Sphere to go to the top of the pyramids

Let's take the world like this

Conversant like bodies

But really they are a part of me

Let's keep the whif in gold

Cuz I'm tired of this solaring

It's really out of my control

How you feel is not my problem

I do not want you to

But I don't know how to stop you


Whatever, I guess, whatever

I don't care, get dressed, whatever

I don't feel like talkin'


Cuz it's really outta my control (haaa, haaa)

How you feel is not my problem (haaa, haaa)

I really don't want you to go

but I do not want to stop ya

Cuz you gon' do what you gotta do

And what I do is not your problem

Just let me let me luv you

Stop tryin' to make it complicated

Really outta my control

What I do is not yo problem

I really wanna go

But please, please don't stop me

(Fade out)

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