Willow Smith

Willow Smith - F Q-C _7 lyrics

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How you feelin’

Oh how you feelin’

Out here, goin’ on

We doin’ my class

I’m just gettin’ so week

I’m just comin’ on trees and skipin’ my class now

Don’t place your blame on me

One and two, three, three, four

People knockin’ out, knockin’ out my door

I don’t want it to get back

Out here, goin’ on

We doin’ my class

Say you right now


Say you right now

How you feelin’?


How you feelin’?

After I give you that amulet with crystal under your pillow now

How, how you feelin’?

I saw you walking down the whole and

And I knew it was you and I’m out there I call

I thought that I wasn’t the one that you want it

Until I went down to your inspire and done it

I, I just done it

I’mma tell you right now

I’m telling you right now

I’m just climbin’ the trees and jumpin’

Stayin’ right now, we’ll tell you right now

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