Take That

Take That - I Wish There Was A Way lyrics

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I wish there was a way

To put into words

All the thing you are to me

Oh,how would I even begin to say

Would you really mean?

Would you say "I love you"

Like I always do?

That seems so little

For all the things you

You have stolen my heart and soul

You didn't do it on purpose

You were just being yourself

That's why I love you and no one else

I look in to your eyes all the time

Knowing in my heart

I have you as mine

I don't want you to be my possession

You have taught me a lesson

Of what love is, a love

I believe was sent from god above

If you were to take my hand and lead me away

Do you know that I wouldn't stay

Just look inot my eyes and you will know

My love for you will grow

Seems like yesterday I was lost

How I give you my love

No matter the cost

You are my love of all loves

All I hope from you

Just to love me as I love you

When I hold you so very tight

I know I will try with all my might

To keep this love alive

I hope someday you will let me

Hold and keep and make you my wife

"I love you"

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