Take That

Take That is known to the teens of the 90s as one of the original boy bands, and it was after them that the phenomenon of boy bands followed. Formed in 1990, the beginning was not a successful one. The highest entry out of the first three singles they released was number 87 in the charts. However, their luck changed after they released the hit single 'It Only Takes A Minute', which went to number one. Since then, the band began to climb he ladder of fame and success with their albums and their singles, and became a pop success in history as top boy band.

Take That's key member Gary Barlow was the band's lead singer and songwriter, who written many of their main hits. Jason Orange was also known for his choreography and interest in dance, and appeared in the bands last years playing the guitar after being self-taught. Robbie Williams wasn't as active in the band as he is now in music, although was known as the singer next to Gary Barlow.

Take That have had 8 number one singles, including 'Relight My Fire' featuring Lu Lu, 'Back For Good', and their last single 'How deep Is Your Love', which was a cover version from the Bee Gees. They have had 4 albums, their last album was their Greatest Hits which also went to number one in the album charts in the UK.

News came near to the end of Take That's career, as the youngest member of the band, Robbie Williams left the band, leaving them to become a foursome. Fans from all over the world were shocked to hear this, and also needed help from helplines to overcome this. However, the band played on with 2 number ones after with 'Never Forget', and 'How Deep Is Your Love'.

Fans were in even more distressed when everyone discovered in 1996 that the band decided to call it a day and leave on a high. The amount of distressed fans was so overwhelming that a special helpline was set up for them to talk of their emotions. It took a substantial amount of time until the hype of Take That died down.

Since the closure of Take That, the members have all gone their separate ways. Gary Barlow launched his solo career with his familiar pop sound carried from the band. He had 2 number one hits with 'Forever Love' and 'Love Won't Wait', which was written for him by Madonna. Gary Barlow later released his debut solo album titled 'Open Road' and numerous other songs from the album, although not much is heard from him since.

Former Take That heart throb Mark Owen also launched a solo career after almost having disappeared with a new image and new sound. He had two top 5 singles with 'Child' and 'Clementine' and released his solo album 'Green Man'. His new sound of Brit pop and alternative music however was not credited or recognised as much as it should have been, and later received popularity overseas in Spain.

Harmonies and Dreadloccker Howard Donald completely disappeared from the media, although was rumoured to have planned a debut release. The intentional single to be released was 'Speak Without Words' in September 1996-97, but the plan was later trashed, and the singer has never been heard since.

Jason Orange returned to the media a couple of years later after having been thought to have disappeared completely. However, he was back with an acting career in a channel 4 thriller series.

The most surprising long term success gained after the band belongs to Robbie Williams, who is now one of Britain's most successful male solo artists.His debut single 'Freedom (cover by George Michael) launched his singing career, and has released two albums 'Life Thru A Lens' and 'I've Been Expecting You'. His most well known song of all time (that everyone should be familiar with) is 'Angels' and his last popular song to date was 'She's The One'. The latest hype on Robbie Williams is the Fight tension of 'Liam versus Robbie' against Liam Gallagher of Oasis. The headlines to date is the current case of copyright against Robbie Williams with the recent lyrics featured on one of his songs.

In concern of Take That, the band's phenomenon has released both influential talents as well as the more unpopular growth of manufactured bands attempting to follow their footsteps. It is safe to say that this band was the original.

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