Children Of Bodom

Children Of Bodom - Bed Of Razors lyrics

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I see the candle light burning in your

eyes, flareing up my eyes in flames

On this pitch-black summer night...

of passion and pain

The razor caressed my flesh

and my arms turned red, I feel a vast desire

Years of pain are flowing down my arms.

Sweet, red, warm stream you drink, make me released

Give me your hand, let me make you feel the ease,

in the bed of razors we bleed together...

I feel the fire burning in my heart,

I see it sparkling in your eyes

The blaze you're feeding more and more

The razor caressed your flesh and your arms turned red.

I feel your vast desire

Tearing pain is flowing down your arms.

Sweet, red, warm stream I drink to make you released

Holding your arms, cherish this composure,

in the bed of razors we sleep together, forever...

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Wednesday 2nd of May 2012 14:43
Listen Buddy, I find that offensive. If I intuesld your idol I want to apologize, pray to whomever thy wish.Still your effrontery doesn't change my opinion. The guy does NOT play the things we hear. He is hardly moving his fingers to what might be played in that second and POSING his ass off. Whether he played the guitar himself prior to the video recording or not is left to our imagination. Get on with my opinion differing from yours!