Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap - Tidal

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Before electric light <br>You paddled through the soup of darkness as a crocodile <br>Cherry picking in the river <br>I would leave crisp note footprints at the Bankside <br> <br>Watch it closely you see it begin to move <br>Watch it closely you see it begin to flicker <br> <br>While we're here, let's see what happens <br>What we got, got, got to lose <br>While we're tidal and flexed on a full moon <br>It'd be a sure sure shame to not to <br> <br>In every wonder what you are <br>I've blurted everything I know just for a piece of it <br>Flash frozen, patchworked and fallow <br>I sprung up in hearts and arrow super highway <br> <br>Do what you feel, just how you like <br>Nobody has to know <br> <br>Watch, watch... watch... watch, watch... <br> <br>Do it for Englsnd <br>Do it for love <br>Do it for us <br>Do it for goodness sake <br>Do it for all the times we wished we had <br> <br>Do what you want, just how you like <br>Nobody has to know<br>

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