Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap - The Listening Chair

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Don't! Cat, blue, piano

Are just some of the things I like

So the more that I see of them in my day

The better I sleep at night

Mum, dad drives, Juliet

Are just some of the people I love

So the more of all them I can get in my day

The better I’ll sleep at night

I can moonwalk, build castles, play ping pong, talk to animals

Hold my breath for a really long time…and tell the future

Are just six of the things I can do!

And the more I can fit of these things in my day

The better I sleep at night

Ah, the better I sleep at night

Composer, or maybe an astronaut

This is what I’m gonna be when I grow up

I know cause I sing out all through the day

I fly through space by night

The teasing, the fighting, the hospitals

I don’t want to go anymore

A bitter brave face on out through the day

But I might cry myself to sleep

Pinch, pinch, punch, punch

Dancing round the car park after lunch

Copy cats, gold stars, cola cubes for good marks

Shy type, show off

Your mom’s got her masters, so what?

Swap stickers, best friends, knight rider

What ya tell the time again

Popular, blonde hair, all the pretty girls sit over there

Sister's in school, he’s cool, our brother knows karate

What do I do to make you hate me so much

Is it the clothes I wear? The way I speak

Wonder bra thrown around the German classroom

You wouldn't understand, I’ll never live it down

Hiding in the bushes or tip-toeing down the corridor

Stop it, you’ll make me laugh

Why would I ever need to know this?

Somehow I’ll get through

I never want this to end

This night, this music, with you in my arms

Switch in to the real world

No idea what I’m doin

But here it goes

I've found the place, feels like home

But I caught you kissing her

So suddenly I’m on my own

There’s just not enough hours in the day

Things are going great, I can’t complain

When I stumble to bed, I sleep like a baby

Finding my feet

Make love, make money, make a difference

Finding my feet

Connect (connect)

Finding my feet

Make love, make money, make a difference

How d'you do that again?

Connect together

I find myself gazing out of the window for no reason

When did I stop eating bread… and cheese? I love cheese

I want to have children,

But I don’t want to have children, you know?

Something nibbling, a feeling I can’t quite explain

Online, offline, like I’m not really here (A choir)

Awake or sleeping, somehow can’t tell the difference

A question:

Bright light outside, dark deep down within

It’s a cover up, it was a cover up operation all along

Honing in, I’m honing in on the heart of it all

Toughen up, I've got to toughen up

Cause I’m breaking it all apart

What’s at the heart

What’s at the heart of it all?

Who am I now? Who am I now?

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