Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap - Swoon

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Your name in lights <br>vibrating to your ringtone <br>my world begins to dance <br> <br>we discuss important stuff <br>the rendez-vous is set up <br>to catch a film and dinner <br> <br>stuck in a cinema <br>or saving me from a car you'll <br>suddenly realize and fall into my arms <br>working you undercover, softly, slowly gotcha! <br>any moment now you're gonna swoon into my arms <br> <br>the same you, the same me <br>spoon feeding the groundhog song <br>the friend too good to go there with <br>let's shake it up and get it on <br> <br>mmm well i know you know you do <br>and maybe you've not said in so many words <br>you've always got your reasons <br>you're a right little know-it-all <br> <br>let me be the great scott, tip top, pit stop in your ocean <br>I could be the ship mate what got you down and dirty with the lotion! <br> <br>and this is where i was going to sing <br>your name over and over again <br>but i chickened out in the final minute <br> <br>coz i thought you probably wouldn't like it <br> <br>let me be your oo hoo oo-o <br>let me be your ahh ahh ahh<br>

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