Ida Corr

The signer Ida Corr has been musically active ever since she received her first drum set at the age of 6.

She began to sing seriously when she was 9, and at the age of 11 she won the National Danish Radio’s Children Melody Grand Prix (at the time when it was still good!)

Already at the age of 16 she was a professional singer, and ever since she has been noticed as choir singer for practically all big Danish acts, as well as participated as lead singer on various projects for other Danish artists.

In parallel to everything else, Ida Corr has also worked on her own material – a different mix of Soul and smooth R&B – everything super catchy!

There is no doubt that Ida Corr has talent as a singer, and when you’ve listened to her own material there’s no doubt that she is also a talented song writer.

In the period after Ida’s 2 albums “Street Diva” and “RoboSoul” a lot of things have happened.

None the less, she has through radio and media become “public property” in Denmark, as well as building a reputation of being an excellent live act through a range of concerts (for example at the Roskilde and Skandeborg Festivals) together with her 10 man band. The big abroad

Internationally, there has also been a huge interest in the Danish Street Diva. None the less, this is a result of her collaboration with one of the worlds coolest and best selling DJ’s Fedde le Grand – the man that currently tops the worlds histlists and dance charts with several different tracks.

In the mid of 2007, Fedde Le Grand remixed the track “Let Me Think About It” and throughout the summer and autumn the track conquered charts in both Europe, Asia and North America. To name a few examples, the track reached number 2 on the English single hit chart (only surpassed by Sugababes) as well as being the most played number on English TV and the national English radio channel Radio 1.

In all it’s simplicity, Ida Corr has become one of ’Feddes favourites’ and therefore he has made all remixes on pure will. He has fine tuned over and over again, and according to Fedde himself, the remix of “Let Me Think About It” is one of the best remixes he has made up until today. Througout the process, Fedde le Grand has showcased several early versions on his last tour throughout all the top clubs in the world.

Since the European success with “Let Me Think About IT”, Ida is constantly on the go, playing at exclusive clubs from Dubai to Moscow. Her tour can be followed on as well as on her Myspace.

Currently, Ida is working on releasing the album “One” which contains some of her best known tracks from her two previous albums – you will be surprised of how many you already know! Ida Corr Facts

Born: 1977 in Århus Family: Mother, Father (from Gambia), 4 brothers & sisters. First musical effort: Won the first Children’s Melody Grand Prix, produced by Danish Radio & Television

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