Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills - Family Unties lyrics

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Do you ever feel guilty when you lying there in bed Thinking about the perfect life we could have had Good from the start but we fell apart And now we're all alone instead I should seen the storm coming from a mile away I should have barred the doors just to make you stay I can't stand the raining tears Don't want to hear the anger every day You say you'll make it up to me somehow someday I shouldn't think about the passed But the passed won't go away I don't want the clouds to roll in When the sun's been out all day I never realized the things we had Until you took them all away I just wanted you to know that What you do affects us all I should have seen the ending and stopped pretending Cause the writing's on the wall Did you ever think about the consequences Leaving all of us so defenseless You can't deal with complications It's not fair no more vacations How can you just sit there tongue-tied With nothing to say Can you give back our fucking house you gave away I got no respect for you Did you think through the things you should't say So fuck off I'm not changing anything No words can describe my feeling I can't keep these thoughts up on the shelf Think twice before you sell our house And every memory we've had to share Go and share them with yourself

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