Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills - Bloodbath & Beyond lyrics

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It's been six days since I've had my fix

And now I'm fixed on u

Despite ur tremblin' body

I can tell u want it too

I'm every man you've eva dreamed of

All ur fantasies combines

You can tell I'm the best by the blood on ur dress

There's no bite as good as mine

(Verse 2)

Through the darkest of ages and blackest of plagues

I have fed off the blood of the land

Every girl that's in sight knows she's mine for the night

They're all trapped in the palm of my hand

I've crossed ocean of time, caused unspeakable crime

But I would not change a bloody thing

Hunted by all mankind but they're one step behind

'Prince of Darkness?' Fuck that, I'm the king


And I'm slippin' through the cracks again

They'll neva take me alive because I'm already dead

And foreva in ur head

So won't u come with me

And taste immortality

You're drippin' from the ecstasy of one last crimson kiss

When the blood pours out like rain

Take pleasure in the pain

You're not the only girl to scream my name

But the first I can't resist

So here's one last crimson kiss

(Verse 3)

In my hungrier years I would prey on their fears

Devoid of all reason or rhyme

I've made every girl melt for the notch on my belt

But I swear that it's different this time


Don't think of this as damnation

Cause we don't need their salvation



And u know what, baby?

Ur neck is up next



One last crimson kiss

Don't think of this as damnation

Ur neck is up next

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