There is more than one band with the name Hurts. There is the disbanded Japanese band from 2006-2008 and currently British band formed 2009

  1. Elegant and enigmatic Manchester, UK electro duo Hurts have their sharp suits, slick hair and stark visuals, Theo Hutchcraft and adam anderson present a striking contrast to the glow-in-the-dark pop stars who have run amok across the charts of late.
    Looking like they would rather be on the cover of Vogue Hommes than NME or Smash Hits, the pair resemble Tears for Fears as shot by Anton Corbijn.

Hurts have not yet played a gig or released a single
Before Hurts, singer Theo and synthesiser Adam were in (scruffier) bands Bureau and Daggers, the latter of which supported Gary Numan.
But on a trip to Italy, they discovered “disco-lento” (slow disco), became fixed on a more austere and stylish European aesthetic and Hurts were born.
Musically, they construct melancholic 1980s-inspired electro-pop with songs that they say are inspired by the British mentality of being “not too bad”.
“How are you doing? Not too bad. For a while you think that’s not very interesting,” Theo says. “But it can be very interesting because it’s on a knife-edge of hope and despair.”

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  1. hurts (2006-2008)
    hurts started out in 2006 as a session japanese band limited to playing small lives in Nagoya. On 8/18 at the Wakayama UNDER CODE Special Event, KISAKI announced that he had added hurts to the lineup of Under Code Production. hurts disbanded on March 20, 2008 .

Band Concept: Gothic Punk
Vocals: ヒナ [Hina] (EX-CHELSEA, now in Schwein)
Guitar: むっく [Mukku] (EX-ルフィー嬋命RUEPHY ALIVE)
Bass: 真稀 [Maki] (EX-Mëbius, now in Lamina as 晄(Aki), playing guitar)
Drums: 楓 [Kaede] (EX-ガチャ×ガチャ, now in Lamina)