HOUSE OF PAIN - Word Is Bond lyrics

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Word is bond

Pop pop pop pop


And now you punks are pickin' lead out ya asshole (x4)

I break it off

Like a kit-kat

Casue ya cant git that

Worth while style

Underground sound

So now your frontin

Tryin to fake it

Complain ya never make it

And pretty soon you're broke and butt naked

So your ass starts to rob and steel

Madd jealous cause my shit's got mass appeal

And now I'm rhymin wit diamond d

With some brand new shit for the year of '93

I got a loop on my crate

And I'm duckin

The way I'm rhymin on the break

Gets all the brothers buggin'

Ya know I got the funky sound

Ya still up un the air

Cause last year I said jump around

I'm rollin thick

So I know you see me

I got mad little white kids,

Wishin' they could be me

So don't step up cause I'm a come out blastin'

You just a quickie

Punk, I'm everlastin


Now let me hear my man( my man, my man, my man)

Yo it's diamond d

The psycotic, neurotic

Beats are idiotic

Smoke the

Boom thats exotic

With my man everlastin'

Brotha's be askin me

For the fee

Kid, my name ain't sebastion

Givin' my mom's demo tapes

Foam'n at the mouth

Dreamin of makin papes

I know your thirsty

Lord have mercy

I got ten acts

And ya want to be the first, g

Come on, dad

Let me breathe yeah

Dont be the lint ball on my sleeve

Wanna be down with diggin in the crates

Have dough in the pocket

And sleep way past 8

I know the feelin

Ya wanna be the one weelin and dealin

But your shit ain't appealin

So make haste

I'll stick it to you like paste

Dont sleep

I got the 9 on my waist


I lick shots for the soul assasins

I lick shots fot the diamond d

I lick shots for the everlastin

And I lick shots for the d-i-t-c

Yo I'm well respected

My neck's protected

So don't get started

Just disregard it

Cause I get retarted

And I act real stupid (With an agrial stubin?? Really??)

When I see a bootlegger

I take my record and dupe it

Scoop it

Just like a news reporter

I'm causin disorder

Because I'm sorta'

Sick of loosin money

When I work so hard

So if I catch ya bootleggin

I'm a pull your card


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