HOUSE OF PAIN - While I'm Here lyrics

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Cockni o'dire and my man, divine<br>Danny boy, you my brother till the end of time<br>The big boss, ross, for engineerin' the track<br>My man, bilal bashir, for his backyard shack<br>My man, sadat x, for a pocket full of stress<br>And my man, diamond, for when he kicks it out west<br>For my man, j. disco, and fly ty, too<br>My man, frank ball, for the phat tattoo<br>My peoples king emms and mike nadone<br>Killa rhyme klik, the kings of the microphone<br>My man, dj lee, 'cause his beats are so stank<br>And these are just a few people that I wish to thank<br>My man, lucky locked up, and avinar<br>My man, albee, just for chasin' squals<br><br>Chorus:<br>I got a whole lotta love to give<br>I still got a lotta love to give<br>I still got a lotta love to give<br>I got a whole lotta love to give<br><br>My girl, t-love, for the hook-up and vibe<br>And dilated peoples be down with the tribe<br>A yes y'all, I 'lowball' with peter greene<br>Killa rhyme klik be wreckin' the scene<br><br>Chorus

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