HOUSE OF PAIN - Still Gotta Lotta Love lyrics

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Still gotta lotta love(8x)<br><br>Much love to my man leone<br>Keep rockin' dem beats and gettin' parties on the floor<br>Much love for my man danny boy<br>Ever since you came in my life you helped bring me joy<br>Much love for my man grand mixer-mugs<br>For taking me off the street and mixin' with the thugs<br>And much love love for my man b-real<br>I'm glad you got bit to that steel<br>And much love for my man sen dog<br>The crews rolling thicker than some london fog<br>And much love for my man steve urkel<br>I trust him wit my life and with the loop from every show<br>And much love for my rudy named justin<br>'cause if anyone steps up I know you gonna bust 'em<br>And much love for my man scott ian<br>For bein' a really down to earth human bein'<br>And much love to my man guy-o<br>'cause every day of the week he's got another fine ho<br>And much love to my man bronk style<br>You came to my party and son, you made it worthwhile<br>And much love to my man son doobie<br>If I needed it again you'd sell the gun back to me<br>And much love to my man ralph emms and the tomahawk funkster<br>Funky like a dumpster<br>And much love to my men kaves, admoney and the edge<br>With family like sister sledge<br>And much love to my moms and my sister and my niece<br>And everyone out there fighting the beast<br>And much love to the pioneers<br>'cause I'm gettin' pain for rhymin' and drinkin' beers<br>And much love to the ultra magnetic<br>'cause everybody knows you never got enough credit<br><br>Still gotta lotta love<br>Gotta lotta love (x11)<br>Still gotta lotta love to give

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