HOUSE OF PAIN - Shamrocks & Shenanigans lyrics

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I kicks the flava, like steven king writes horror

If I was a jew then I'd light a menorah

I got rhymes for ya, excuse me senora

Are you a whore or are you a lady?

Is it erica boyer or marcia brady?

Let me know hon, the deed'll get done

Just assume the position, I'll take my rod

And then I'll go fishin', I'll get your river flowin', I'm always in the know

When it comes to givin' pleasure, I'm every woman's treasure

I came to work your body, so let me do my job

I've never been laid off, my rhymin' skill paid off

Cause now I'm makin' records, now I'm makin' tapes

Steady bustin' suckers in bunches like grapes

Makin' all the papes, scoopin' up the loot

Puttin' suckers on the run, pull my gun and then I shoot

I never been a front, I never a fraud

I gotta natural skill, for that I thank the lord

Cause I feel blessed, I'm casually dressed

I always got my gun, but I never wear a vest

I'm quick on the draw like the horse named mcgraw

From the cartoon boom sha lock lock boom


(boom sha lock lock boom)

All right now

(boom sha lock lock boom)

A little louder

(boom sha lock lock boom)


(boom sha lock lock boom)

All right now

Breaker, breaker, here comes the caper

Straight with the taper, the lyric skyscraper

Hit ya like a lyrical murderer

I know ya think I have, but yo

I never heard of ya

Just because you heard of me kid

Fuck around with D you do the lifetime bid

I'll put you in the dirt, and leave your ass for dead

When it comes to tools, D's the sharpest in the shed

Cause I'm the 55 cadilac king

It ain't no thing, my claddagh ring

Will bust you in the grill

I got the skill, you gots to chill

Cause I bring doom, I got the boom sha lock lock boom


I rock mad styles, I hop turnstiles

I rock all mikes, I last all night

I puff fat blunts, I rock fine stunts

Step up bold, I'll kock out your gold fronts

Everlast, that's my name

My unique rhyme style's my claim to fame

The house of pain's the name of my clique

You can't be down, punk, get off my dick

You make me sick, like strawberry quik

Your style is wack, you ain't the mac

So yo step back, get off the crack

And sing a new tune like boom sha lock lock boom

Chorus (2x)

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