HOUSE OF PAIN - Same As It Ever Was lyrics

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Uh shoot 'em all baby<br>Just call it in one time for me real heavy<br>Back in black<br>Who's the mack<br>Sittin' on the back<br>Of a cadillac<br>It's the d motherfucker<br>Better pass me the mic<br>So I can rock on<br>And drop the styles I write<br>I like hip-hop<br>Ya don't stop<br>And all that<br>I rock the freak styles<br>And neat styles<br>That are crazy phat,<br>It's making me sick<br>Punk get off my dick<br><br>Chorus<br>'cause I'm the same motherfucker<br>That I ever was<br>Same motherfucker<br>But I can't pay attention<br>'cause I'm on that dust<br><br>My head's not swell<br>Kid I'm not gell<br>Don't feed me soup<br>Just give me the funky loop<br>I'll rock it to the best of my ability<br>Runnin' mad styles and showin' flexibility<br>'cause I'm the man that's on point<br>When I jam a funky joint<br>I want some other over there<br>Yo, I just don't care shit<br>Pass the mic<br>Then I'm gonna' tear shit<br>Up like a peice of paper<br>Your girl caught the vapor<br>When I ran the caper<br>I ain't rearranged<br>So don't look strange<br>I'm the same motherfucker<br>Ain't a damn thing changed<br><br>Chorus<br><br>'cause I'm hard like stone<br>Don't play me soft<br>And I rock rhymes frequently<br>I drop it off and<br>I'm off in space<br>I remember your face<br>But don't remember your name<br>'cause it's all the same<br>As it ever was<br>That's what it is money grip<br>Don't trip<br>Or I'm gonna' bust that lip<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Bustin', flippin', skippin',<br>Just like a stone on a river<br>Ya know I'm gonna' give her<br>Whole lotta' flavor<br>Criminal behavior<br>Used to be how I made it<br>But that shit's over rated<br>Now I rock rhymes over funky beats<br>I fuck fine hookers between satin sheets<br>They say money changes people<br>But I won't 'cause<br>I'm the same motherfucker that I ever was<br><br>Chorus<br><br>And ya don't quit<br>'cause I'm on that dust<br>Soul assasins are on that dust[ha ha...]<br>My man j. disco is on that dust<br>Cypress hill is on that dust<br>Funkdoobiest is on that dust

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