HOUSE OF PAIN - Put On Your Shit Kickers lyrics

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Yea, check it out now

Everybody check it out now

Yo, I got the corn beef

I got the Mott's

I got the shotty

Ay yo, I got the buck shot

Ay yo, I got the burgers

I got the grill

If you're steppin' up next

Ya better flex that skill

The house of pain is in full effect

Everybody in the place give full respect

If your girl's in the house keep the ho in check

And if I'm bustin' off caps, you better hit the deck

Steppin' on stage with the fly routines

I'm hemmin' up suckers like bell bottom jeans

I always switch trains in jamaica, queens

When I go to by the street to see my aunt ilene

Danny boy's comin' with the irish style

The money back guarantee, I make it worth your while

I'm layin' out fools like kitchen tile

You come around with a frown, and ya leave in a pile

Step back man, I ain't a black man

But everytime I grab the mike I rock a phat jam

Without the slimfast, and if a skin passed

You know I step up and give the ho a jim blast

I give her what she wants, even if she fronts

The hill is down with the house, they got the philly blunts

Ya know we roll 'em up, and then we light 'em up

And then we puff them up and pass them

So danny boy blasts 'em

I got the shell-toed adidas, with the fat strings

The celtic crosses, and the *claddagh* rings

The straight edges razor and the *Mossberg* pump

You heard me shit clickin', now it's time to jump

Jump around just like a frog on a log

Fuck the dukes because I like boss hogg

I'm hittin' home runs like my man wade boggs

And if you try to act stupid, I'm droppin' the dogs

Every time I go to town

People start kickin' my dog around

It makes no difference if my dog's a hound (hound)

You better stop kickin' my dog around


Put on your shit kickers and kick some shit (4x)

Now I've been droppin' records since the age of seventeen

First I came solo, but I now I got a team

It's the four man crew, with the irish stew

You catch us puffin' on a blunt, and sippin' a brew

What's up with that brew, man, hurry up and finish

Now grab the bar maid and order me another guinness

You can drink the guiness while I'm sippin' on the mickeys

When it comes to hookers, yo, the everlast is picky

Always got my hat in case I come across a quicky

And when I do my shows I get the hoes all hot and sticky

The house of pain is in full effect, yea

I say the house of pain is in full effect

You know the house of pain is in full effect, yea

And anyone who steps up is gettin' wrecked

Chorus (x2)

Check it out now! owww!

I said the house of pain!

We out

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